Is Clock Considered Technology?⌚

The clock is actually the basis of so much technology it tells us the time and we live by it every moment and was once and will be the greatest invention of mankind.

Time was still measured in ancient time using other methods like burning of wax in candle tells them the amount of time has passed or the Hour clock (sand clock) but the major development in time took place around 16th century where the first invention of pendulum clock took place during the 15th and 16th centuries, clock making flourished Pendulum clock was invented by Galileo but however the credit is given to Christiaan Huygens.

Then as time moved on there was a major progression in the era of clock but back in the days the clock has mechanical moving parts that don’t work on the basis of battery but works on the basis of actual moving parts the bob in the pendulum clock maintains its accuracy and it actually worked on wind up key then in 1840 the electric clock was patented and the actual making of clock took place around 19th to 20th century where there was a major development in technology.

Those were the days were analogue clock was used the most and also the wristwatch was invented in 1868 by Patek Philippe and in the early days were only wore by women as a means of fashion but then it became a common thing among people and wristwatch started to appear in various fashion and it became a part of the gentlemen style.

And then there was an invention of Digital clock which came around 1960s and there was a major decline in the analog clock as digital clock became more famous among people, Some clocks, called ‘flip clocks’, have digital displays that work mechanically. Then there was also an invention of Alarm clock which would make a loud sound on a specified time to wake the sleeper.

Now in 2019 what has changed so far? Everything, clock& wristwatch came in many different styles and features with a smartphone to a computer it was a major development in clock there are also clocks for the blind that have displays that can be read by touch there is also a study on the clock which is known as Horology.
(If you want to learn more about clock you can visit below mentioned site:)

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If you are wondering where do we use a clock in our circuits well we actually do use them as per our requirement, we use crystal oscillator which keeps the track of time which is based on Piezo crystal and at a large scale and by large scale I mean on satellites and all atomic clocks are used.



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